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Money : Why this shit’s got to go

Why : Money was introduced to human culture when migrating tribes began to trade food, resources and tools, in order to place value on any item for trade we gave it monetary value.

Flaw : Stratification has always been inherent in the system of monetary value, values were/are based on simple availability and accessibility (abundance v scarcity)

Result 1 : Those who understand this system can profit with ease, but always at the expense of another, each time a profiteer is able to manipulate availability, accessibility or scarcity of an item he manipulates it’s trade value and gain wealth over others.

Result 2 : The system continues to self perpetuate and benefit those who choose to play the game of competition with others, as wealth growth it becomes increasingly simple to manipulate value with increasing means to do so, stratification grows.

Result 3 : Disaster is in motion with the value justification that is called ”supply and demand”, with this simple premise we have experienced exponential growth and development but at great expense. To base value on supply and demand has created an insane system whereby Scarcity = Profit, this is a system of inhumane levels of scarcity, destruction and deprivation.

Solution : The solution to creating abundance, sustainability and provision for all people of the world is in the scientific method – The value of the worlds resources must be decided through transparent survey and data analysis which in turn will influence production and distribution (as proposed by Jacque Fresco).

Future perspective : Never let any claim that we need ”money”. What is needed is simply a willingness to share, followed by transparent surveys and statistical data leading to efficient production and free access to all goods and services.

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Hitta något du älskar så kommer resten av sig själv

Ever wonder how some people accomplish so much? They run marathons, write novels, start companies… without making it seem like a big deal?
Well, it is a big deal. And in spite of how effortless these accomplishments may appear, people work harder than you likely realize to make these things happen. There is, however, one thing they know-at least in practice-that you don’t.

Most of us want to finish the race, but see running as a chore. A few dream about being great authors, but find the writing itself to be slow and difficult. Some of us learn all we can about starting a company, only to hit a wall when it comes time to get down to work.

Self-help books and workshops arm us with ways to trick ourselves into doing things we perhaps should, but generally don’t want, to do. I ask whether this lack of will might actually be the universe trying to tell us something?

Maybe you aren’t supposed to bother with the tedious stuff. Perhaps the reason you haven’t done it yet, is that you weren’t meant to. Might achievement, as a goal unto itself, be pointless? Could this need to have done something notable, simply be greed in a more socially-acceptable form?

More than all of the rest, though: What if the missing part of the puzzle is not a lack of willpower, but instead a lack of love?

The runner discovers tranquility on the road, forgetting the pain. The writer gives in to the joy of playing with words, moving past the aggravation. The entrepreneur finds purpose in making something, and stops noticing the long days.

You can spend your life fretting about how healthy, interesting, or successful you are. In fact, a whole industry depends upon this, and is eager to help you make plans to change.

On the other hand, you might consider simply finding what you love, and letting the rest take care of itself.

Forget Self-Improvement


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