There is constant talk about our rights. About having them curtailed, about human rights abuses and the like. This is a concept that is in itself a form of control. It stems from a time when many were chattels of a ruler, held under threat and tradition. In our natural state we have no rights. We in fact have no need of rights. All that is possible is permissible with responsibility. Only when we are oppressed and actions are forbidden under threat, the concept of rights has any meaning at all. It is what those who oppress deign to or have been forced to allow. So, we need to realize that naming such self-evidences, that should not be alienable at all, allows them to exercise power over them. To think about and thus question our rights is to bow before our oppressors.

However, the very idea of freedom is inevitable, unalienable and eternal.

You may think that this is just semantics, but to be free we must cultivate the thought patterns of freedom. We need to understand what freedom really is. Those that think free are not easily swayed by the insidious temptations, or cowered by the threats, veiled or otherwise, of those who would seek to use you for their gain.

Our thoughts are the battle ground.

Until the coming of the species’ enlightenment, there will always be those who would use you. This is your defense. Remember that even if your body has been constrained, your thoughts can be free if you so choose.